Essay: Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump

As a kid, you probably had the feeling of being scared of darkness or maybe you see a shadow in the corner you begin to sweat and every sound you hear are very daunting. You are not alone about this feeling, but some might fear something different from you. The kids in USA with parents from Mexico, have nightmares nearly every night, the monster that scare a Latino bedtime is The Donald.

“Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” is about Donald Trump and how he runs his campaign against Mexicans without citizenship in USA, and how he would kick them out and build a wall. The Mexicans that gave birth to their children in the United States will be kicked out, and the children still are allowed in the USA. Hector Tobas (the writer of this article) Highlights Donald Trump´s bad actions so he gets a disadvantage in the election of the new president. The article is called “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” and it´s written by the respected journalist and fiction writer Hector Tobas, the article was published in 18th august 2015 during US presidential election. The article can be found in The New York Times, which is a well-known news-source.

The article plays a lot on emotions, and it´s an easy way to the readers feelings. The New York Times is an independent newspaper which mean that they can publish whatever they want, and they are a very trustworthy, which means readers often rely fully on what they write. The article is actual when it was published, because it was published during the election of the new president of the USA, and Donald Trump was a big candidate to win, he also won the election.

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