Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump

The article “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” is written by Héctor Tobar who is a Los Angeles-born author and journalist. This article was published in The New York Times, on August 18th, 2015.

The sender of the text is Héctor Tobar, who is an American journalist. He has won one of the most prestigious prices a journalist can receive which is the Pulitzer Prize.
The receiver of the article is, in general, the American public and more particularly the readers of The New York Times, which is where the article was published and even Donald Trump. Héctor indirectly address Trump as a receiver in the following quote: “That’s what happens when you attack an entire people”

The quote also referees to the topic which is that Héctor criticizes Trump’s campaign against Latino Americans, and also sending a message to his receivers that Trump’s behavior is unacceptable.

In this article, the writer Héctor Tobar wrote this article to criticize Donald Trump’s plans and campaign regarding immigrants and to show all the negative sides of Donald Trump also the negative impact he and his campaign has on immigrants and Latino Americans. In connection with this, Héctor actually uses a hidden argument. For instance, all his critique and arguments are being presented indirectly. An example is when Héctor is using the interviews of the kids to criticize Trump’s electoral campaign which includes anti-immigrant.

“He said that Mexican people are bad people, that they want to sell drugs,” and “He wants to kick out the Mexican people from America and just leave the American people. I think that’s pretty much rude. Everyone should be fair, and we should all be treated the right way.”

In comparison, Héctor uses humor and irony to link Trump to a Boogeyman that takes the children’s view and also drawing attention to the racist movement generated by Trump targeting immigrants and Latino Americans. “MANY monsters and ghosts haunt the dreams of Latino children. […] Now we can add a new boogeyman to the repertoire of scary Latino bedtime stories. His name is The Donald.”

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