Why do we hate immigrants | Essay

Does the people who created what America is today not deserve to experience it to the fullest without hatred and lack of respect?

The founding fathers of America may have been white, but the hard working people who made it all possible was not. They were foreigners, but America will still not allow them to live peacefully, nor allow more of them access.

The sender of the text is Kevin Powell. Powell is a black American, but clarifies that he is not an immigrant. Powell writes on behalf of the newspaper “About the Nation”, a newspaper that is principled and progressive.

A paper about equality and justice for all races is not uncommon in “About the Nation”, as they fight for justice and equality for all. Powell writes to all American people.

You can tell that Powell did not need a specific reason to write this, as it is such a personal matter to him, however there is an occasion. There was in fact several occasions.

There was the mass shooting in El Paso which was connected with an unleashing of a hate-filled, anti-immigrant manifesto, there was the heartrending images of immigrant children and their families being held in detention centres and the abuse and neglect on those Americans do not want in America. (ll. 32-40)

Powell writes to inform and educate. He wants to educate about what America was, what it is and what it should be. For him, America is a nation founded by the thousands of slaves forced to work there.

A place were black people experienced starvation and premature deaths, parentless children and torn apart families.

Because of this horrible past for the black people, the migration of the Italians, the Jews, the Irish and many other was possible.

Powell believes that, today, America is place with opportunity for others, but still not for the coloured people, and how is that fair?

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