Why do we hate immigrants | Analytical Essay | Kevin Powell

Who is responsible for the America we know today? You might answer, the founding fathers, who were white and you wouldn’t be wrong but the people, who made it all possible through hard work were foreigners and don’t they deserve a certain amount of respect and live their lives in peace?

The America we know today needs to be more open and respectful towards immigrants and foreigners, who are trying to live their lives to the fullest and shouldn’t be looked down on by society...

The text is written by Kevin Powell, who is a black American. Powell doesn’t think of himself as an immigrant.

He writes on behalf of “About the Nation” which is a newspaper about equality and justice for every race in America. The paper is known for being very ethical.

One of the things Powell does well is comparing the way Americans treat immigrants today and how the slaves were treated back in the day.

This hopefully makes the Americans realise how wrong their actions are, and that this treatment needs to be changed.

One of his comparisons is “If they are lying and sleeping in their own vomit and feces in freezing-cold detention centers, then I am transported back to the hulls of those slave ships where my ancestors were forced to be and lie and sleep in their vomit and feces too.”

This comparison is so important for Powell and the statement he makes.

Powell also uses this text to give the current government some criticism. The current government is really tough towards immigration and immigrants and Powell doesn’t agree with how they do things.

The main subject in the text is racism in America. Powell is clearly very angry and upset about how unjustified it is. He’s angry with all the people who don't respect black Americans nor immigrants.

He wants people to understand that we are all human and everyone deserves a certain respect. Powell can’t believe when he sees all the hatred, because would America even be the America we know today without black Americans?

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