‘Why Do We Hate Immigrants’ | Analytical essay

The article “Why Do We Hate Immigrants?” by Kevin Powell is about immigration and slave descendants. In the beginning

Powell is describing how his ancestors were taken away from their native land to be held as slaves in the US.

He claims that America would not be the same, as it is today if it weren’t for the slaves and their cheap or even free labor as well as the sacrificed lives of black people during slavery and segregation.

He again uses pathos but in a different way. By using the term “we” Powell builds an emotional connection, so the audience knows he understands what they’re going through and feels the same pain as they do.

Powell also uses ethos because he, himself, has an African-American background, which means he knows what he’s talking about even though he doesn’t see himself as an immigrant.

This gives the reader confidence and belief in him - especially the readers, who themselves are immigrants.

It’s clear that Powell is well educated. It’s expressed by the way he uses his language and his choice of words, but also by his linguistic features. He’s making a lot of references, for example, he writes:”

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