Today we see the big hate to the immigrants. But it’s fair? Do the people who created what America is today not deserve to experience it fully without hatred and disrespect?

The founders of America may have been white, but the hardworking people who made it all possible were not. They were foreigners, but America still won't allow them to live peacefully, or allow more of them access.

The sender of the text is Kevin Powell. Powell is a black American and writes for the newspaper burau "About the Nation".

Powell himself is not an immigrant, but in this essay, he will talk about black rights and similarities. Powell is fighting for theirs to be introduced justice and equality for all. No one is the same, but everyone should be treated equally.

When Powell says this, he is good at returning to his message that without the blacks, America would not have been the country it is today.

In the essay, Powell uses comparisons in which he compares the treatment of slaves with the treatment of immigrants.

“If they are lying and sleeping in their own vomit and feces in freezing-cold detention centers, then I am transported back to the hulls of those slave ships where my ancestors were forced to be and lie and sleep in their vomit and feces too” .

Here the comparison is seen, and it uses Powell to make Americans feel guilty and tell them it's wrong. And that everyone should be traded the same.

Powell also says this, so the politicians can see the real world and perhaps understand what is happening. So, Powell hopes they take action and will do something about this.