Why do we hate immigrants | Analytical essay

Why do racism and inequality still exist? The topic of inequality has been on the agenda for as long as we can remember.

Not only have we dealt with racial inequality, but inequality in many forms. Sexual, religious, economic, and racial disparities. More disturbing is that it is a current problem as well. In this paper, titled “Why do we hate immigrants?”

by Kevin Powell, we look into the inequality issue in America regarding immigrants. He speaks upon the history and present of the problem, with an expectation of changes. The focus of this analysis will be on language, linguistic features, and forms of appeal.

This paper feels like a written speech. He draws himself and his life into this and tries to illustrate the problem America is and has been facing for years. If we consider this a written speech, then the characterization of the speech would be a deliberative speech.

He is trying to convince people that there is inequality and persuade them to do something about it. I will address how he does that further down in the analysis.

Powell uses several arguments to strengthen his allegation. One of the argument types that he uses multiple times is the experience argument.

He implements elements of his own life and experiences to make the receiver understand the seriousness of immigration and the racism problem in American society.

“If they are the victims of a mass shooting, then I am the victim of a mass shooting” (P.3 ll. 44-45). This quote indicates that even though he does not consider himself an immigrant.

He is still affected when immigrants are unfairly treated because it correlates with his upbringing. Another type of argument he uses is “we are all in the same boat”.

He says, “we lose when we exclude people, when we fear and push away and detain people, because of who they are.“ (P.3 ll. 41-42). This quote exemplifies the usage of “to be in the same both.”

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