‘Why do we hate immigrants’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

‘Why do we hate immigrants?’ is an article posted in The Nation on August 8, 2019. The article is written by Kevin Powell, who is an African man, who lives in the United States.

His ancestors got brought to the USA as slaves for a long time ago during slavery, and then they evolved their family in the country. He calls himself ‘the product of ex-slaves’ .

The reader of the article is adults who are interested in history about the slavery, immigrants, and the regular readers of ‘The Nation’.

The article is primarily about immigrants, as we can tell from the title. But also, about the injustice and inequality there still is this day.

And out of Kevin’s way of writing the article, you can tell that he is really disappointed and sad about it all.

Not just about what it’s like today, but also about how it got done back then with his ancestors.

“the unheralded bodies that worked for free for two-and – a – half centuries and built the economic foundation of these United States”

“We were captured and kidnapped from our native land” In all of this he uses the pathos appeal to reach out to the readers feelings and catch their attention to this story.

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