Why do we hate immigrants | Analyse | Kevin Powell

It is not easy to break free of the past 200 years pursuing something entirely else that someone is used to. Doesn’t it make sense, that the people who sacrificed the most deserve the fullest respect and honor?

This is a dilemma that Kevin Powell faces in the opinionated article “Why do we hate immigrants”. The opinionated article is published on August 8, 2019, in the newspaper The Nation.

The Nation is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States. The article is an op-ed which means that the writer can write his subjective opinion on the topic.

The article is written in high style. For example, he uses advanced words, like “torn asunder” , “bigotry” and “reactionary” . Kevin’s choice of words shows us that the text targets educated adults who understand the topic of immigrants.

The high style of the article is also illustrated by some complex sentence structure. Kevin uses lengthy sentences to show his knowledge, like in the following example:

”As I witness these caravans of 21st-century immigrants walking, driving, crawling, swimming toward a better life in America—so they hope and pray—how could I not think of, say

my mother and two of her sisters cramming their lives into three tiny suitcases in their home state of South Carolina, climbing the steps of a Greyhound bus, and heading to a strange new world in the North, in search of freedom and in search of themselves?” .

The high style also strengthens the sender’s ethos, as it creates credibility using high style. Kevin mainly builds ethos by using his African American background to speak for modern immigrants.

This sentence shows his credibility and trust: “We have known starvation and premature deaths. We have known families being torn asunder and children left parentless.

We have known torture and abuse and trauma handed from generation to generation like a permanently stained and unwanted birthright (….)” In this sentence anaphora are used.

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