Why do we hate immigrants | Analyse

Why Do We Hate Immigrants are written on August 8, 2019 by author Kevin Powell. Kevin Powell is an African-American author and political activist.

Powell makes use of topics such as white supremacy, racial inequality, and police brutality, which is also what he talks about in the article.

He refers several times in the article to his own life, where he talks about his experiences and attitudes, for example, he talks about how his mother struggled to form a life for herself and her 2 children. (ll. 69-73)

Powell has written the article in formal style, which can be seen in the many formal words he chooses to make use of, which among ex. "Unheralded" (l. 5) and "bigotry" (l. 44).

In addition, the formal style is also shown by his use of complex sentence structure, where he uses long sentences to show his opinions and ideas.

Powell uses the complex sentence structure to provide a better connection between his ideas and his opinions, it makes the reader perceive him more reliably, it can be seen, for example, in the text (ll. 59-62).

Powell also makes use of many personal touches through the article, it helps to promote that it is a first-hand source.

His personal touch can be seen by the fact that he uses first-hand pronouns: “I am not an immigrant.

Nor am I the child or grandchild or great or great-great grandchild of immigrants either…” (ll. 1-2). Here you can see that he talks about himself, where he uses first-hand pronouns like "I".

In the article, Powell alludes to several things, for example, he alludes to President Trump.

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