When technology can read minds | Analytical essay

Analytical essay:

Farahnay is worried. Worried for our future and our future rights. Our cognitive liberty.

This TED-talk video deals with the discussion about the cognitive freedom and about Nitah Farahany’s thoughts about potential improvements of human rights in the future.

Farahnay is skeptical of the technological future and progress with the neurological knowledge. It is emphasized in her speech how far our technological capabilities have come combined with how limited we even think about this.

To date, we have come a long way in the world of technology where several devices and high-tech methods have become something we don’t even bestow one single thought anymore.

Even though it has changed so many aspects in our modern society and everyday life. And Farahany is worried. Because what if technology one day also takes over the individual’s right to have private thoughts?

It is a quite thought-provoking and no less than necessary issue that is getting addressed with a lot of wise flows of thoughts.

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