What´s in Swindon? | Analyse

Love can be presented in many different ways. We love our families but is it the same love we feel to someone we think is cute? It´s really hard to say and really hard to talk about because there doesn’t exist any manual for love. Love is just a feeling we can´t control.

A classy love story is seen in the short story "What´s in Swindon" written by Stuart Evers in 2012. In this love story, the love is represented to one of the most grateful things but also as a difficult way to handle it.

The short story is about a man and a woman, and their love life story. When they were younger, they fell deeply in love and were completely isolated from the rest of the world. The “perfect” relationship ends, and they split up.

Many years later Angela contacts Marty and tells that she has rented a room in Swindon, and they definitely should meet. While in Swindon Angela tells Marty about her marriage to another man and that she wanted to meet with Marty because she came to second thoughts about the marriage. But after figuring out that Marty had changed, she´s not so insecure anymore.

The theme of this short story is based on love. It´s shown around most of the story when we hear about Angela and Marty. The theme does also include some kind of transition, which is pretty clear between Angela and Marty, certainly because we follow them through their ups and downs.

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