Hello, fellow students of Baltimore’s John Hopkins University. My name is Jakob Fomsgaard and this is Assad Loubani.

We’ve gathered all of you because we want to talk about the changes of the American Dream, and what we as the future of this country and nation should be aware of in the nearest time.

Before we’re getting started we just want to get things straight... We all wanna succeed in life and make our parents proud right? - Nah, forget about the parents, most important make yourself proud yeah?

And what if I told you, that you could do the same, but WITHOUT quitting college? Wouldn’t we all want that?

All it takes is changing your mindset, habits, and courage to do things. We live in The United States, the land of the free - Where all dreams can become true if you just work hard enough.

As we mentioned earlier, the American Dream is changing. Some would even say that it’s completely gone forever.