Day 1
Day 2

Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

Pete was getting ready to visit Zoe when his phone rang. Two kids had been reported missing in the mountains. Pete rushed out of the grocery store and into his car leaving his shopping cart with all of his groceries.

He felt sorry for the employee that had to put all of his groceries back on the shelf. But there was no time to waste. He started the engine and turned on the sirens. It was a rare call, two missing kids in the off season.

He raced thru the empty city. The city was packed in the summer but in the winter, it looked like a ghost town. Pete felt bad for Zoe, but she knew how important it was to get the kids to safety.

When Pete entered the park and came to the bottom of the mountain, he saw the two bikes that the kids had used. The bikes were just thrown on the side of the park ranger's cabin. The kids must have thought that they would be back from their hike in no time.