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Wally and whiz up against Licorice by Bülow
- A possible chance in the company?

Wally and Whiz is a Danish company based in Værløse on Sjælland, which produces and sells gourmet wine gums for everyone it’s both vegan, organic, sustainable, gluten-free, and just various needs each customer may could have.

They started up in 2014, and today They have more than 800 stores in 25 different countries and transports wine gums out to for example Germany, Britain, The Middle East

South Africa and several other countries, and sell their products, with great progress in their process through the current years especially from the year 2018 to 2019

where their equity increased by more than 50%, as there are not very many other companies that focus and produce quality wine gums, as it is a long process to have to produce - it can take up to 72 hours to dry it.

They really put a lot of emphasis on it being environmentally friendly and sustainable for how they produce, for example that it is very handmade sweets, also in the way they deliver to the other companies.

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