Walk don’t run | Noter Engelsk

What does one expect from growing? It is a long journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, that most of us live through for more than 80 years, if lucky.

It should not be a race but a process. Girls and boys in the society we live in today tend to almost “skip that step” because they are all too eager to grow. But why? It is filled with responsibilities and mistakes we cannot escape.

The story of Douglas Bruton “Walk don't run” presents a fourteen-year-old girl with the name Julia, view of growing up. As every child will, she is about to enter adulthood, which is a step she is eager to achieve.

At the age of fourteen, she already smokes and has a seventeen-year-old boyfriend, with the name of Johnny, and takes on/ is given the responsibility of taking care of her grandmother.

Her grandmother is no longer the tough woman in the stories she used to idolize as a child. Throughout her childhood, the narrator has looked up to her grandmother more than she does her parents.

In other words, her grandmother functions as the narrator's guidelines through life by giving advice as well as serving as the narrator’s safe place “She knows I smoke, my grandmother; she knows, but my mam doesn’t.

Sometimes I imagine my grandmother telling me not to, giving me advice like she did when I was very young” Considering her age, being a fourteen-year-old girl who smokes

might be considered tabu through her parents' eyes, and therefore disapproved and frowned upon, thus the reason why she would not tell her mother

but is comfortable enough to trust her grandmother, and tells her “I tell my grandmother stuff, things I wouldn’t tell anyone else, secrets of sorts. Even if she does hear I know that she will not tell, not ever.

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