Unprivileged matters just as much as privileged | Essay

In today’s society, tragedies happen all over the world. Mostly it is the underprivileged people who is affected

because they do not have the same means as the privileged have, to get through certain situations. Grenfell Tragedy was a burning building, with a lot of victims included.

After the tragedy, Russel Brand made a blog post, in which he presents his point of view on what happened at the Grenfell tower. He believes that the government did not used all their resources to stop the fire.

This is evident in the following quote. “When I first saw the image, like a well trained citizen, I thought ‘terrorists’. And of course, in a way, it was.”

He is so frustrated in his way of speaking, because he is mad at the government, for just ignoring the fire. It was immigrants who lived in the blocks.

He has a conclusion that the fire was not an accident, and that is why he thinks it is terror in some kind of way.

He assumes that the government are saving resources and that they value the upper class more than the lower class.

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