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Uber is a smart and inexpensive system that has changed the taxi industry, by offering taxi similar deals that are cheaper

smarter and an easier alternative, many people are replacing their use of taxi with Uber's services, this has created great outrage in the taxi environment.

it's understandable that taxi drivers are angry at uber, but it should not hurt Uber's customers. The creators of Uber had a good idea and have managed to bring it to life successfully.

Their intention is not to destroy the jobs of taxi drivers, but just to offer cheap driving to everyone and follow the technology that is constantly evolving, with a smart app.

But if an accident occurs with a uber driver, it can have consequences for it depending on the customers' own insurance and on the insurance of the Uber driver.

And who's going to replace the car and the injuries. At the taxi companies, it is the taxi company that is responsible for replacement the car because it is company cars.

The negative thing about Uber drivers is that they're not trained like taxi drivers, they just need to be tested at an online screening.

Recent news about Uber clearly shows that the company is riddled with sexual harassment, ruthless employee behavior, and serious ethical issues.

A significant number of employees are either victims or perpetrators in this undisciplined environment.

So Uber driver has many advantages in that they can drive their own car and work whenever they want, and that American who doesn't have the opportunity for physical hard work might be able to work for Uber.

But there are also negative things about Uber drivers, they are accused of abuse with customers' private information and that has led to sexual harassment.

A lot of customers like Uber because it's cheap and smart, as a customer you don't have to pay in the car but over the app, so there's a customer safety that the driver doesn't get your card information.

Unfortunately, some customers have also had bad experiences with an Uber driver, some have been sexually assaulted, and had their private information misused by the driver using their name to find them on Facebook.

The bad thing about customers is also if there is an accident, it is important in the United States that you have insurance that covers, as it is one's own insurance that must cover for the injuries.

Not everyone in the United States has the right insurance and some of the customers therefore want the money from the driver.

The Taxi company is easy to compete with because they have such high prices, but Uber's weakness is that they don't have as well-trained drivers as the taxi companies.

Since the launch of Uber, the taxi industry has lost a lot of money and customers, as people choose uber which is the cheapest and smartest.

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