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Let’s take a look at what the gig economy is really all about… we have all heard about it, read about it somewhere on the internet, or know a person or more that is part of the gig economy.

The gig economy is a huge thing today but the phrase “gig economy” really took its place in 2009 when during the financial crisis.

It was all about people having more than one job so they could have enough money to pay rent, get some food on the table, and have a stable life.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 55 million people are working in the gig economy just to make a living in 2017 .

Almost everyone knows what Uber is. If you find yourself in the United States of America, you most certainly have driven with a Uber-driver.

Uber is a big company founded in 2009. That is the same year where the financial crisis took place. The company is worth over 60 billion dollars which makes Uber the most valuable startup in the world.

Uber is a used thing in many cities and continents around the world. The app is available in more than 440 cities and 6 continents, to be exact.

The app is all you need to be capable of using the service. It is very easy to use and very cheap compared to the other options we know, like a cap.

Uber gets pricy when they know that people need a ride on an important day, like New Year’s Eve, a Saturday night after some drinks, or just a normal rainy day.

Uber is not available every in every country because of some problems. One of the main problems is that, because of the company Uber, caps are now losing some of their most important things.

Because of the low prices that Uber is offering, the cap drivers are now losing costumers and later on, jobs. Uber pickups were increased by 3.82 million in Manhattan, while there was a decline of 3.83 million pickups for cap drivers from May to June 2015.

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