Uber | Engelsk essay

The following essay will deal with the topic of Uber drivers, who are stealing the driving market from the cab drivers all over the world.

This has resulted in cab drivers making big protests all around the world, to make the governments support them, and go in against Uber.

Therefore,Uber has been forbidden in a lot of countries across the world, for example Denmark.

One could argue that Uber should not be forbidden since it is just a company with a great idea who has taken advantage of the way high cab prices. This is just very smart by Uber since they found a perfect business model.

On the other hand, one could also argue that it is the right thing to forbid Uber since it is unfair to cab drivers that the Uber drivers do not not need a lot of specifications which the cab drivers do.

Hence the rules could be changed so that Uber and the cab drivers would have the same restrictions.

This would mean that Uber drivers need to educate themselves as well as the cab drivers. This would be a good idea, since it will make some more competition in the driving market which could reduce the prices that way.

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