Uber | Argumentative essay | 10 i karakter

Uber has been witnessed to broken mirrors and smashed glass during the time, they have been in business. Is it fair that they should witness that kind of stuff?

And have they taken advantage of the taxi-industry around the world? As we know, Uber is more or less a new network. They have come up with new and smarter solutions for people.

That has caused many problems for the taxi-industry. In large part, the taxi-drivers in New York are struggling with this new concept of driving solutions by Uber.

Uber driving can be quite dangerous and there are some disadvantages of being a driver because first of all you never know, who will enter your car for a ride.

It could, in worst case, be a robber or a criminal and another thing is, that the drivers are often witnessing harassments and threats by the customers.

In general, it can be very dangerous to be an Uber driver, but also interesting, because as said, you’ll never know the person, who will enter your car.

They have also been involved in a lot of conflicts around the world between governments and taxi-unions because they take the taxi drivers jobs and they don’t pay enough taxes to governments around the world

which has lead to big conflicts and for example in Denmark, they are not allowed to work, because the Danish government has forbidden the driving service, because of protests from taxi drivers, who losses their job and therefore also their income.

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