Twelve Years (Forever) A Slave | Analytical Essay

This analytical essay will analyze the continuing struggles of being a colored person in the US. Several occasions show the indifference of being born white or black in America.

Recently the George Floyd episode, and in 1841 as Solomon Northup tells his story about being born a free man and afterward kidnapped against his will and serving twelve years as a slave in New Orleans.

“Twelve years a slave” is told by the slave Solomon Northrup. He narrates that a family is being separated because of the fact, that a buyer could not afford to purchase both of the siblings.

Solomon Northup is considerate because of the fact that he keeps his cool and does not act when he spectates his fellow colored people being auctioned off.

Not only is he a considerate person, he is also smart and gifted with a talent to play the violin even though people of color is not supposed to know such skill.

Not only is he able to play strings, he can also both write and read, which also is unusual between blacks at the time. On the other hand, Solomon Northrup’s owner, ironically known as Freeman, is a clever salesman as he offers his slaves off at an expensive rate.

He is well-known of his slaves’ talents, such as Solomon’s violin skills, and expose them off occasionally.

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