Trump First | Engelsk

Choosing a representative of your opinions can be hard, especially with the pressure of your family and the rest of the population standing behind you and wanting to change your vote. When choosing your representative, you have to look into their opinions and what key issues they stand against or stand for.

Sometimes people feel that they have chosen correctly and then afterwards they are filled with regret because maybe this person was not supposed to be representing anything.

The USA is filled with many different opinions; however, it seems that many of the opinions are old schooled or very drastic and looked down on seen from a European point of view.

After the election of Donald J. Trump, the majority of the population celebrated, because they wanted to make America great again. But what is great America, how can he make America great again, if no one really knows when it was great? In January 2017 Trump announced his “America First” campaign.

The “America first” means that America will only be focusing on their own economy and what affairs they have going on with other countries. Trump was tired of the American economy being dependent on the rest of the world and he wanted it to become even bigger than it already was at the time.

The USA was part of many different organisations where they were the country, who contributed the most money-wise.

“America led in creating those arrangements...would help prevent future wars, advance American values and enhance prosperity here and abroad.”

Here it states that America funded the organisations to prevent future wars and make America great again, however, Donald Trump does not think that America has gotten better since these organisations were formed.

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