‘Trio For Four Voices’ | Analytical essay

A summary of “Trio For Four Voices”
An analytical essay about “Trio For Four Voices”

Jane McLauglin’s short story “Trio For Four Voices” takes place in a Spanish hotel, where every- thing seems placid until the young girl, Amelia, tells the narrator that she wants to kill her mother. She adds that her father wants to help.

This makes the narrator convinced that Amelia needs help. After careful consideration, the narrator decides to inform Amelia’s mother, who responds severely. Consequently, her husband rages and forces the narrator to withdraw the statements.


Everybody has tried to face a moral dilemma at some point in their life. Some of the dilemmas can be more serious than others, but they all have in common that it is hard figuring out what to do.

Sometimes, when you have managed to overcome a dilemma, you see it in a different light, which makes you realise that it wasn’t as you thought it was.

And that is exactly the main theme in the short story “Trio For Four Voices” by Jane McLaughlin, where the narrator struggles with a moral dilemma about whether or not she should tell Amelia’s mother that her daughter has an intention of killing her.

Besides this internal, moral conflict, there are also seen external conflicts in the interactions be- tween the characters.

As the story unfolds, the reader’s perspective on these conflicts changes, which leads to a change in the view of the relationships between the characters.

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