To Cuddle Amy | Fictional essay

Children growing up, and the transition from the little innocent creature into a grownup person who must stand on one’s own feet can be hard to witness as a parent.

The many ethical mistakes being made and the rising pressure from society, can push parents into situations where they must take some hard choices that can end up effecting their loved ones.

Allison Campbell, the mother of Amy, is frustrated with her daughter’s behavior, and wants to discard of her. “You’re lying! The cops said – “.

“Allison, wait”, Campbell said. “Amy, the cops said you were a suspect.” “Well, I didn’t do it! Kristy and Jed did, but I went home! And I don’t care if you believe me or not, you bitch!” . [...]

Finally she said, “It isn’t as if she’d be without resources. The Hitchenses might take her in. Or somebody. And anyway, there are lots more like her out there.”

Allison’s lower lip stuck out. “Might even do her good to learn how good she had it here with us!”.

The two examples above supports the assumptions about the mother’s bad relationship with her daughter Amy, and the pressure she is putting on her, so that she can have the perfect family.

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