‘The White Cat’ | Summary and analysis | 12 i karakter


The short story “The White Cat” by Jim Brannin was published in 2017 and is narrated by a third-person narrator.

The story begins in medias res with our main character, Hattie, writing a letter about the cats she sees in her back garden daily, although she isn’t quite sure to whom she’ll address the letter.

Nonetheless, Hattie lives above her two grandnieces and their mother, even though their bond is close to non-existent. Therefore, Hattie enjoys observing the cats since they remind her of her long-gone family.

Analytical Essay:

The short story “The White Cat” is narrated by a third-person narrator, who follows the perspective of our main character, Hattie, which we see on (p. 1, l. 4) where it says, “She knew she had to write to someone about the white cat and his family – but to whom?”.

Furthermore, we can tell that the narrator’s knowledge is limited since the narrator only has access to Hattie’s thoughts and feelings, which we see on (p. 1, l. 4-6) where it says, “If it wasn’t for these damn lungs, she thought

I’d run downstairs, stop the first person I saw in the street and spill the lot.”. Additionally, the story possesses Hattie’s point of view, which makes the narrator completely subjective.

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