The Whipping Boy | Richard Gibney | Analyse

Many people find it difficult to tell the difference between revenge and non-revenge.

Where one could have juvenile it. Which is a problem about appearing in the story "The Whipping Boy" which is written by Richard Gibney in an unknown time. So, when is it that it's best not to take revenge?

It was in the southern part of the United States, at the end of the American Civil War. Where the story " The Whipping Boy " took place. The story is about three slaves named Mikey, Tommy and Martha.

They all live with Mrs. Gage, who is an elderly lady who is ill. Where a young boy announces that slavery has been abolished. The slaves will therefore go north and get a job. But they decided to wait for Sterling Gage, coming back from the war.

Since both Tommy and Mikey will take revenge on him for what he has exposed them to. Martha and Mikey like each other but have not had the opportunity to be together. Since that sterling had slept with Martha without her permission because he also liked her. So he gets attacked by both Mikey and Tommy when he comes home from the Civil War.

But where Martha tries to keep them from him. Sterling ends up being laid next to his mother unconscious. Where Tommy, Martha and Mikey then travel north to find a job. On the way, they then meet some soldiers.

Where Mikey and Tommy are shot, by the soldiers in front of Martha. Then Martha is shot in the head. Where the story ends.

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