The Whipping Boy | Analytical Essay

The text's topic is slavery. Slavery has made a void in history with its horrific events throughout the centuries. America has been one of the countries with many slaves which have made a big impact on their history.

The controversy about this topic had terrifying consequences such as the civil war which lasted 4 years. The American states were divided the northern states changed their opinion on slavery

this caused the war because of the stubbornness from the southern states who did not agree with the northern state's change of opinions.

When it comes to foreshadowing the story is massively filled with this, the story tries to tease how the ending of the story is going to happen, this is readable in many places in the text.

An example of foreshadowing is “Neither dog had made much noise as the pitchforks were driven into their skulls” This is a foreshadowing of the story’s ending where Martha is brutally killed. “

She couldn’t discern whether the flash she saw was from the inception of Mikey's conflagrating death or from the discharge of the shot that went into her skull”

This proves that the story has some kind of foreshadowing where both the dogs were killed by getting forks driven into their skulls, in addition to this Martha also gets killed from trauma to the skull, even though she is killed by a gunshot and not a sharp object.

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