The Weekly visit | Summary

- Jake:
The mother

The Weekly Visit is a short story written by Emanuel Melo. In the short story we meet Jake, Jake visits his mom Tuesday night every week.

Jake started to visit his mom after his father died, that happened five years ago. In the moment of the story, Jake begins to have the feeling that being with his mom and seeing her is wearing him down.

When it's Tuesday night and Jake knocks on the door his tired and sick mother opens the door and they won't even say hello to each other.

Jake goes inside the house with his coat, usually after ten minutes when Jake is done helping his mother, he takes his coat off. Jake’s mother is distressed by Jake because she knows that he has changed a lot.

The weekly visits aren’t doing either of them any good, when they talk there is always a bitter tone. The visits should be nice for them both but instead it has just become a burden.

In the evening Jake sits down to eat his mother’s food while they are watching Brazilian soap operas. Jake has Portuguese ancestry, but for him he doesn’t feel connected either to the language or what his mother believes.

On the second day Jake’s mother confronts him about how he has changed, since he started to visit her, then Jake decides to make an excuse about having problems at work and therefore not be able to see her in the upcoming week.

Jake’s mother accepts it, but she feels like she is getting abandoned by him, Jake is way too tired to start talking about what his mother feels and he feels like his mother is not appreciating the things he does for her.

When Jake leaves his mother’s house, he waves goodbye and feels relieved that he is finally going home.

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