‘The Weekly Visit’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Write an analytical essay in which you analyse and interpret the short story "The Weekly Visit" by Emanuel Melo. Part of your essay must focus on characterization, theme(s) and message.

You may use additional sources in English, for example from the Internet. Do not forget to document your sources. Write the analytical essay in English.

” The Weekly Visit” is a short story written by Emanuel Melo in 2014. He was working on a short story collection and he describes his attempt to “

embrace equally the two languages and cultures that he uses to express his Self; at times in Portuguese, but mostly in English”

His Dual-nationality has impacted his writing style and in “The Weekly Visit” have his characters and environment often a multilingual or Portuguese twist to them. And he also mentions Canada.

Joaquim, called Jake in the text, is one of the characters in the text. He is the protagonist. Jake has a demanding job, that takes much of his energy.

An example; “The long walk to her house gives him time to decompress after a long day at work…”

He has changed, just like his relationship with his mother has changed. An example: “He did love her before and maybe he still does but he’s so tired that he no longer feels it.”

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