At some point everyone finally meets the moment, where the tempting feeling inside is trying to force them into saying very known complication of words taken from GTA , starting with swear and ending by „here we go again”.

And that is also what comes to mind while reading what Donald Trump and his Administration are claiming. Although the fact that he maintains strongly convinced about his strength and right in every aspect, there is a topic where he truly is wrong. Here is a proof, one of many that are yet to come, that he in fact don’t care about American society at all and will brutally guide the country till the unavoidable end.

Many may support what he is doing and maybe even defeat him. The head of the state has a lot of things going on and even more things that needs to be taken care of. Cooperation between countries, taxes, new laws and correction of the old ones.

With several subjects under him and even more councilors, it is in everyone’s best intention for him to fulfill the safest American Dream for the future. What he is doing now, is the complete opposite. His impulsive posts from social media are known all around the world and they are the main source of most of the battles between his supporters and people, who don’t quite think that he is right in what he says.

Because God help America… he is not right at all.