‘The Trump Administration Says Poverty is Over’ | Analytical essay

Poverty can cause many problems. It can cause serious economic and socioeconomic problems for a country and its development.

Poverty is also damaging for the people living in it, as it typically results in lower quality of life, health problems, poor prospects, low social mobility, and much more.

Poverty is often associated with poor countries but can also occur in some of the wealthiest countries in the world, for instance, the U.S.

The handling of poverty goes hand in hand with politics, wherefore it is interesting to take a look at the Trump Administration and how they address poverty.

Beyond that, the chosen media also reflects the audience of the article. Generally, the receiver is the American population and, more specifically, those who support left-winged politics.

This target group usually emphasizes social equality by supporting, for instance, social programs, labor unions, and equal opportunities.

Therefore, it is easier for them sympathize with the content and argumentation of the text given that the topic is poverty in the U.S.

The article has a subjective point of view as the writer Bryce Covert uses a persuasive language with the purpose of convincing the readers to agree with her.

First of all, she uses many negative words when referring to Trump and his politics, for instance, pernicious, fudging, and suffering.

She also uses statistical data to support the validity of her claim that poverty is still a problem in the U.S.:

“If the Trump administration really thinks poverty doesn’t exist in the U.S., they should tell that to the 15.6 million American families who were food insecure for at least part of 2016…

” This quotation shows that Bryce Covert claims the Trump Administration to not care about poverty and food insecurity, which puts them in an unfavorable light.

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