The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over | Analysys

The article “The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over. They´re Lying” is written by Bryce Covert. It was published at The Huffington Post on the 28 of July 2018.

Bryce Covert is an independent journalist who writes about economy. She is a contributing op-ed writer at the New York Times and a contributing writer at The Nation.

Bryce Coverts intentions are to expose the administration’s faulty position on poverty, to inform the audience about poverty in the US, and to persuade the audience that work requirements in welfare programs are harmful to the poor.

These intentions are connected to the circumstances and the topics of the speech, and they are achieved by using certain language tools.

The language used in the article is between formal and informal. An example of the formal language is her long sentences and complex words such as:

“The CEA explicitly says it is trying to build on 1990´s welfare reform, claiming that the experience proves its case that all programs should include the same work requirements.”

But she´s also using an informal language, where she is writing like she is having an conversation with someone, so they can relate to what she says, example: “Throw people off the rolls

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