‘The Trump Administration Says Poverty Is Over’ | Analysis

Poverty and homelessness are a problem all over the world, and it’s an issue that many people suffer under.

Many of the suffering people, with a limited amount of money, are already in bad places in their lives, and living under these unfortunate circumcisions aren’t exactly helping them.

This results in some people having to cut back on their eating habits, because they can’t afford to buy food.

The language used in the article is very formal, but at the same time it is easy to understand her views.

Her use of language is clearly very negative towards the president and the incumbent administration. Her use of language sets the tone of the article as negative.

That is noticed in the way the writer describes the presidents and the administrations action:

“Fudging the numbers when it suits him" and “the administration’s argument that poverty doesn’t exist in America is built on a deeply questionable basis”

Which clearly gives the readers a negative view of the Trump administration, and their way of handling the massive poverty problem.

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