The Trump Administration says poverty is over… | Analyse

The text is called “The Trump Administration says poverty is over. They’re Lying. “and is written by Bryce Covert and the text is brought in “The Huffington post” on 28 July 2018. In this text, his focus is on poverty.

Poverty means that you don’t have money or food to provide for yourself, you basically have nothing. There is poverty if you live in The United States or if your live in the slums of Brazil.

Poverty isn’t something that you just can change one day to another. It’s a long progress, so Trump’s Administration shouldn’t say that poverty is over just like that.

Bryce’s claim in this text is that poverty is not over, and his example is that he uses a lot of statistics, that’s basically should convince me even more. In the text on (page 3, sentence 51-53) there stands “15.6 million American families were food insecure for at least part of 2016

meaning they had limited access to food because they couldn’t afford what they needed” which is a big quote on the page and the numbers is from CEA.

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