The-sin-bin or Lucys heart | Engelsk opgave

“My heart is rubbish. I push much too hardon the paper for some bits and then back right off for others.” (page 35, line 1). Much like all things in life friendships and character development has a fine balance and natural order but for a young girl, where to place her efforts can seem like an impossible task, if even noticed.

Friendships can be the most important tool in finding oneself but can also lead one down a dark path blinded by thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

The protagonist of the story Lucy is young insecure teenager, easily swayed to cross lines, striving for that acceptance and acknowledgment from what she feels to be her best friend Bethan.

An internal battle between having the seemingly boring and lonely presence up against the feeling of having an unbreakable bond with an exciting and different girl with a great deal of confidence to lure others in.

There are a lot of different themes showing through the text, most prominent would be such as, growing up, identity, friendship, redemption and good vs evil.

These themes tie up very well in the short story and Lucy Cross makes a brilliant point of showing how one’s actions have consequences and the thought prosses behind it.

It all comes down to Lucy making a choice about doing what is morally right or wrong. She is in an important stage of choosing a path to follow for the rest of her life without realizing it. The sin bin symbolizes the detention room, and Lucy’s heart which is the right thing to follow.

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