‘The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart’ | Analytical essay

”Sometimes when I think about Bethan I get this burning pressing in my head and tummy. Sometimes I’m glad when my mum says I can’t go around and see her.” (p. 33 ll. 13-15).

These are lines written by Lucy Cooke in the beginning of her short story: ‘The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart’ from 2000.

The story is focusing on Lucy’s identity crisis and the pressure she feels by the expectations her school, family and friends have for her.

Lucy’s mother has no interest in her daughter spending time with Bethan. Her mother wants Lucy to be a good, focused student.

Bethan wants Lucy to loosen up, smoke and be rebellious. Lucy Cooke is the main character in the short story and the story is told from her point of view as a first-person narrator.

She is from Cardiff in Wales and is usually a Grade A student with 9 O-levels with her school cheering her on, but one day she ends up in detention for hitting her former best friend Penny Jones.

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