The Riot Club | Film Review | 10 i karakter

“The Riot Club” is a thriller drama film from 2014. It is directed by the Danish film director Lone Scherfig and written by Laura Wade.

The film invites us behind the scenes of “The Riot Club” and exposes how the boys buy themselves respect and influence with money and get away with more than horrifying “boyish pranks” and behavior.

The film illustrates the differences between being upper-class and lower-class and the different opportunities there come with money.

Overview of the plot
Our opinion

The film is about 10 young boys who study at Oxford University. They are all a part of “The Riot Club” and come from very wealthy upper-class families.

“The Riot Club” is a prestigious club which was founded many years ago. It is based on the belief that money can buy everything and the members of the club are convinced that no rules rule over them, except the rules they have created within the club themselves.

The club members arrange a meeting at an English pub, where they eat lots of food, drink lots of alcohol and destroy the setting they are meeting in.

But this dinner gets out of hand and the members start fighting the pub owner and beat him until he is unconscious.

One of the boys got expelled from the university after this action, but the rest did not get any punishment.

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