The Riot Club | Analyse

While watching the film (take notes)
After watching the film:
Video assignment

Characterize Miles and Alistair (in particular, their development throughout the film). Also, focus on how they are portrayed in the film and how they feel towards different social classes?

+ Characterization of the group ‘The Riot Club’. Focus on how they are portrayed in the film.
James leigthon
Harry Villeres
Alistar ryle
Miles Rischard
Gorge balfour
Guy bellingfield


Is one of the new students that are started at the school. Miles is friendly and level-headed. He do also get descripted as honorable miles.

He gets a girlfriend call Lauren but break up in the ending if the movie. He joins the riot club, where it goes down. Hugo who also is in the riot club got a thing for miles, but milies doesn’t.

Miles’s role in the riot club, is the good hearted, he knows what is right or wrong, and gets enough of the clubs game, and way it acts.

Alistar is also new at the school. He also gets into the riot club. He is Sebastian little brother, who was the former president of the club.

Alistair is an insecure, arregant and cold-hearted snob. Alistair really has a oppion on the political ideals of the rich and the poor.

He behaves like an idiot, by the way he acts, he was the main reason Lauren show up, he hates miles. And he is the one who starts beating Chris up. And he gets exppeld.

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