The perks of being a wallflower | Opgave

1. Describe your impression of the song “asleep” by The Smiths, and explain how it relates to Charlie and his love for Sam

2. Relationships and love are important themes in this part of the book. Describe the ones you find most important and explain how each affects Charlie.

3. On December 21, 1991 Sam gave Charlie a typewriter. What are the first words he writes on it, and why do you think he feels so good about this? What other important events take place in this chapter?

4. Describe the two sides of Charlie's family. How is social heritage introduced as a theme in this part of the book?

5. What do we know about Charlie's mental state that we didn’t know in the first part. Provide textual examples and try to explain the different breakdowns described in this part of the book.

6. Creative assignment - explain what Charlie means by “Glory Days”. Imagine yourself 20 years from now, what will be your glory days?

My first impression of the song is that it is very dark, but in a pleasant way. It is pretty clear that it is about a peaceful suicide, as he sings “Dont try to wake me in the
morning ‘cause i’lll be gone”.

The song is mentioned multiple times in the book, and the writer also placed emphasis on the song by putting it in the mixtape that Charlie makes to Sam.

The song relates to Charlie in more than one way. In the beginning of the book, Charlie explains that his best friend Michael has recently comitted suicide.

Michaels death affected Charlie a lot, and Charlie was really sad as it was his best and only friend.

I also think that the song relates to Charlie because of his feelings. Charlie oftens feels sad, alone, and maybe he also longs for a better place, where people listen to him, and care about him.

This “better place” that Charlie longs for is Patrick and Sam. They are some of the few people who actually takes him seriously and don't make fun of him or hate him.

Besides that the song also relates to Charlie’s feelings about Sam. Charlie is deeply in love with Sam, and would without a doubt drop everything for her.

Charlie longs so badly for Sam's love, just like how the singer from The Smiths longs for his death.


The most important relationship throughout the whole book is Charlie and Sam’s relationship. The two of them connect in a way that they do with no one else.

Charlie loved Sam from the moment he talked to her for the first time. Charlie doesn't know how to handle it, but he tries to put his love for her on the side.

When Sam starts dating Craig Charlie isn’t very happy about it, but not because he is jealous. He thinks that Craig isn’t treating Sam well

and he doesn’t think that Craig sees Sam in the right way. Sam is helping Charlie to be more open, and she always makes sure he is okay Charlie and Patrick’s relationship is also very important, Patrick gets Charlie into his and Sam's friend group.

Charlie grows a lot through the book, and that is because of Sam and Patrick. They push him in the right way to be more social and to get more friends.

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