The odd one out | Engelsk

First when I heard we had to write an essay about being the odd one out, I thought “I have never considered myself an odd one out.” But when I come to think about it, I was actually an odd one out for several years in elementary school. Because I played handball.

Of course there were others who had a leisure activity. But because I have played it for 10 years, it started to become a little serious. Now I wasn’t just something I played for fun.

Now we had to accomplish something. It was either “win this tournament” or “win this match” or “place first in this or that group”.

There was always something. It was hard. I had to train up to 6 times a week and stay sober the hole weekend, because we should lay an important match on Sunday. It really affected my social life. We grew up and people started going to parties.

But me? I was sitting home on the couch eating healthy because I had to stay in shape. Actually this affected my social life so much that I couldn’t concentrate on school.

I never made my homework or even opened the books we were supposed to read.

I especially remember one week. We should play a match on Sunday and of course there was a party both Friday and Saturday. I was invited to both parties. But I thanked nicely no. Just because of a damn handball match.

All my friends had tremendous fun weekend, while I was sitting on the couch. They drank beer. I drank water because everything else was too unhealthy. They danced. I watched television and Netflix.

We won the match but it was a hard-earned victory. After that weekend I started chancing my life a bit. I started saying yes to parties and drinking even though I should play the day after. It was fantastic.

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