‘The new girl’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

In the story the narrator tells about an incident that happened 20 years earlier. In the story the two friends, the narrator and her/his best friend Allison are playing together in their lower-middle-class neighbourhood, Prospect street.

The narrator is 8 and Allison is 10 years old, they are always playing with each other, because they are the only kids in the neighbourhood.


I believe the narrator is reliable because she was there when the story took part 20 years ago. The fact that she tells the story 20 years after it happened could be a bad thing

because she might have forgotten some of the things that happened or could be lying about what happened.

When the narrator tells about the characters involved, we will only hear about what the narrator can see from her point of view, so how they look or how they express themselves.

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