The Lone Wolf | Essay

I highly doubt that anyone will go through their whole life, without feeling left out or have the feeling of being different. The main character in this short story definitely knows that feeling. This is a story about a man who has a lot of misfortune, but still has the will to keep going. The man goes through a journey on finding himself and his spot in the society.

This is a story about a man who has a lot of misfortune, but despite the odds he ends up as a noble man, who led his village to a better place. The story starts off with the main character being drowned by his mother but a man stops, the mother before its too late.

The young main character ends up killing his mother after the incident and the man took care of him until he aged enough to take care of him self. It wasn’t a loving relationship, but at least he gave Josh the main character shelter, and a place to stay. Josh is through this story very much hated, because of his earlier actions and his different look.

But as josh grew he helped the village, which was going through very tough times. He ended up a great man.

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