The Lawnmower Man | Essay

The Lawnmower Man was written by Stephen King, and was first published in the May 1975, and then later collected in Kings 1978 Collection Night Shift.

The Lawnmower man is a short story. What is it an accident can do to one, why do one choose to sell something that means a lot? An accident is something terrible, and can change a person completely, but why is it and how does the story relate to the title?

The two people most mentioned in the story are Harold and the lawn mower.

Harold is an ordinary man from America. he has a lot of habits that he makes every day. mostly he drinks beer and listens to the radio. he is his own lazy man and listens to his radio and looks at the clouds over his house, as well as that he has a wife and a daughter.

he walks a lot up in his lawn and has a boy to keep it neat for him. in the story one is told that as I said he is very lazy and therefore does not do it himself as he has said spends most of his time drinking beer and listening to radio about red sox. one does not hear so much about him spending time with his family, and thereby I can think that he is very selfish and does not think so much about the people around him.

Ten there is the lawnmower man, who rejoices in green clothes, chews in a toothpick and is fat.

Harold does not have the best impression of him, and it is very materialized and in this way one can also see that Harold thinks a lot about himself and not so much about others as I also mentioned earlier.

Harold also called Harold Parquet goes up a lot in his lawn stands nice and looks neat, and has always just got one of the boys from the street to beat it, but then there was an accident where a cat died due to the lawn mower, he chose to get rid of it.

over the winter it just stands and grows, but when it gets summer Harold thinks it has become too long and ugly, and therefore chooses to hire someone to make sure it looks nice again and looks nice again.

he finds in the newspaper an ad with people doing this work for cheap money and hires one from there.

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