The Lamb | Analyse | Andrea Carter | 10 i Karakter

“But today I feel the need to read the sign, to prove to myself I am really here, that I have come back, finally, to face things.” -(P.1,l.4-5)

The main character in the short story “The Lamb” written by Andrea Carter published in the year 2019 struggles with her past, but now as shown in this previous quote she finally is ready to face things… to face her past.

That was too much for her and she kicked Ruth, Ruth moved her hand in exactly that moment, and she got kicked in the face by her best friend.

Since then, they never spoke to each other again, it was for the best the main character said to herself

she knew that they where to different and that they had different interests. But then one Sunday morning, three weeks later Ruth killed herself.

“What I did not know that night was that early on Easter Sunday morning, three weeks after the party

Ruth would take the shot-gun from her father’s gun cabinet, she would go to the barn behind her house and she would put a bullet in her skull.”-(P.3,l.118-120)

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