The kiss | Analytical essay

The beginning of the short story is in medias res, and there is three main characters in the story, one girl, and two boys. The three main characters have all had a tough past, through their years with abuse, anger, discrimination and alienation.

The short story is called “The Kiss”, because the one girl and one of the two boys, are standing in the tube station in London, reaching for a kiss and waiting for each others lips to touch, and in the same time, the other boy has placed his hands on the detonate, to the bomb in the tube station in London.

The one girl and one of the two boys, decides to try to forget about the past, and search for their best and happiest time of their life, while the second boy is so damaged inside, so he continues to feel lost, and therefore looks for a way to get revenge.

Therefore he decides to go to the tube station in London, while carrying a bomb in his backpack, on his way to do something really terrible, for him and for someone else, including the one girl and the one boy that have decided to move on through their tough past.

The short story shows that it follows a non-linear composition, starting and ending with the same scene, while the middle of the story contains a series, of flashbacks from the characters´ lives.

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