The Kiss | Analyse | Elizabeth Baines

The short story “The Kiss”, is written by Elizabeth Baines in 2019, and is a non-fictional story about three people´s way, of taking care of their own lives after experiencing adversity.

The beginning of the short story is in medias res, and there is three main characters in the story, one girl, and two boys. The three main characters have all had a tough past, through their years with abuse, anger, discrimination and alienation.

The short story shows that it follows a non-linear composition, starting and ending with the same scene, while the middle of the story contains a series, of flashbacks from the characters´ lives.

(ll. 16-20) “And his heart turned over, but nothing happened, and in those seconds, he breathed again, though as he stepped to the pavement, he was afraid that the fuse was damaged and panicked that his mission would fail. And the history before”.

Elizabeth Baines is the sender of the short story “The Kiss”, Elizabeth is the sender, because she, through her short story, sends a message and a deeper understanding, that shows us how fast it can go wrong with a tough childhood.

The person that reads the short story “The Kiss”, is the receiver. The person that reads the short story, is the one to receive the message, that Elizabeth Baines wanted to send through the short story.

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