‘The Hate You Give’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Race and color have been a worldwide issue for numerous years. Racism did not disappear when slavery was abolished. Today being a minor ethnic group still includes discrimination, oppression and violence.

Starr is living with her parents and two brothers in Garden Heights, but she is attending a wealthy private high school named Williamson Prep outside of her neighborhood.

The big contrast between Garden Heights and Williamson Prep leads Starr to live a double life feeling out of place both places.

In Garden Heights, she is known as the daughter of her father Big Mav, who works in the store, and is quite lonely.

She barley has any friends in the neighborhood which can be seen in the line “It’s hard to make friends when you go to a school that’s forty-five minutes away and you’re a latchkey kid who’s only seen at her family’s store.”

The fact that she says “I would’ve stayed home and watched Fresh Prince reruns” rather than partying also indicates that she is an introvert. When Starr and Khalil are stopped by the police, her reasonableness shows.

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