The Hate U Give

The setting
The main character
The themes of the film.

The film takes place in two different places. There's Williamson prep where Starr goes to school and then there's Garden Heights where Starr and her parents and two siblings live. When Starr is at school you can see that it is a nice school because everyone wears uniforms and everyone who goes to school wears expensive clothes.

One can clearly see that it is most rich who send their children on Williamson Prep. You can see that there are not very many blacks at the school, which they have done to give people the impression that it is a good school.

In Garden Heights you can see that it is "The hood" as it is not as nice as inside Williamson Prep. The houses are not as big or nice and there are children running around the street.

In Garden Heights you can see that both King and Maverick have a tattoo where there is a crown and then it says "KL" under which symbolizes King's gang "King Lord". When looking at Garden Heights, it is mostly black people with tattoos on their arms as well as face and neck.

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