Task 1: Summery
Task 2: Analytical essay

THE HATE U GIVE written by Angie Thomas is a novel inspired by Black Lives Matter. The novel is about an ordinary girl named Starr. The novel addresses issues of racism and police violence.

It all starts off with Starr going to Big D’s party because of her friend Kenya. The spring break party is a well-known party a lot of people attend.

Throughout the first chapter we meet a lot of people and gets information about them from Starr’s point of view. The first chapter ends up with Starr leaving with her childhood friend named Khalil.

In the next chapter A cop then pulls Khalil over. He demands Khalil to get out of the car, searches him, and then tells him to stay where he is while he walks back to his patrol car.

Khalil opens the car door to ask if Starr is okay, and One-Fifteen shoots and kills him. In the chapter, Starr gets a flashback to when she saw Natasha die the same way as Khalil just died.

Throughout that chapter Starr can’t get the incidents out of her head. In the last chapter Khalil’s and Starr’s family are united.

In the chapter Starr overhears her parents arguing with Carlos who is a police officer, about Khalil’s shooting. They then debate on the justice Khalil deserves.

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